Toscolano Maderno, situated on the western shores of Lake Garda, is part of the “Alto Garda Bresciano Park”. Until 1928 Toscolano Maderno were two different municipalities with different culture and traditions. They boast Roman origin testified by numerous archeological findings as Nonii Arrii’s villa. In the past centuries, the local economy, besides the production of paper, was based on agriculture, mainly the cultivation of lemons and olives; today Toscolano Maderno is a tourist town that has been able to keep a balance between the various different aspects (industrial, historical and cultural) of its territory.
There are many fine and historical buildings, villas and churches such as the basilica of Sant’Andrea, remarkable example of Lombard Romanesque architecture and the parish church of the Saints Peter and Paul which can boast paintings by the Venetian painter Andrea Celesti.
During the second World War Toscolano Maderno was seat of the main institutions of the Italian Social Republic.