The Paper Museum

The Paper Centre in Maina Inferiore is a fascinating production site that has been converted into an exhibition venue and museum. Here you can see how paper production developed, from its origins to the 20th century. The visit starts from the 16th century old part of the factory, which contains reproductions of 15th-18th century machinery and equipment, and continues through large rooms on the upper floor devoted to the development of paper production at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

The exhibition venue also features archaeological finds from Valle delle Cartiere: some watermarks dated to 16th-18th century and a collection of books printed by the Paganinis, a famous family of printers who worked in Toscolano and Venice in the first half of the 16th century.
The visit ends with a room dedicated to old postcards donated by Andrea Derossi.

The Paper Mills of Toscolano
The paper mill of Toscolano was founded by Andrea Mafizzoli. The Mafizzoli Bros. were already owners of many factories along the valley, but they decided to build a new paper mill near the lakeside to produce paper out of wood paste, not of old rags as in the past. The building works of the new mill started in 1906 and the new factory was inaugurated in 1910.