Main Places of the Italian Social Republic

During the Second World War from October 1943 to April 1945, Toscolano Maderno had been the headquarter of the main institutions of the Italian Social Republic.
  • A- Golfo Hotel, ex Bianchi's villa: headquarter of the Fascist Republican Party, as well as the headquarter of the Black Brigades with Alessandro Pavolini.
  • B - Villa Caprera: headquarter of the National Republican Guard. A lot of anti-fascist militants were imprisoned here.
  • C - Ex Villa Cavallero, situated along the promenade in Maderno, it was Pavolini's personal residence and office.
  • D - Bristol Hotel along Maderno promenade: this impressive building was built towards the end of the 19th century, with the name of “Villa Margherita”. In 1909, it was used as hotel and changed its name into Strand Hotel Bristol. From 1943 to 1945 it was requisitioned and uses as accomondation for the many personalities following Mussolini.
  • E - Primary School: it was the Interior Ministry's headquarter. Here, besides the Police's head offices, there was also Herbert Kapler's office: he was the SS' Major.
  • F - Villa Gemma: it was property of the Triboldi family from Brescia, it is located on the way to Fasano, and it hosted the Minister of Interior Buffarini and the Minister of National Education professor Carlo Alberto Biggini.
  • G -Ex Villa Bassetti, Now an apartment building, it is located on the border with Gardone Riviera: it was the head office of the German Embassy. It was bombed on 4th December 1944 by the Allied Forces.
  • H -Villa Mimosa, located in Bornico: headquarter of the German military command.
  • I - Villa Sirenella, via Aquilani, Maderno: it was the residence of Gian Battista Riggo, an activist of the fascist militia, who was among whose that sentenced to death Galeazzo Ciano and other hierarchs in Verona's court.
  • L - Bonaspetti's House: headquarter of the Republician Police department, composed by local auxiliary agents.
  • M - Camping Toscolano: close to the surrounding walls where the tennis courts are now located, there was the storage of military vehicles.
  • N - Farmland Andreoli: Close to the bridge, the independent company called “Bir el Glob”, commanded by captain Giovanni Ciofi, was encamped here.