Famous People

  Giuseppina Cobelli
Giuseppina Cobelli, a famous lyrical singer, was born in Maderno in 1898. In 1925, she started her brilliant career becoming a protagonist in the most important international theatres. She died of a fatal disease in 1948.
  Osvaldo Cavandoli
Osvaldo Cavandoli a famous drawer, was born in Maderno(1920-2007). He is the author of the original character living on a singular white pen-tract who became the protagonist of “the tract”and of the famous advertisement of Lagostina factory.
  Giuseppe Zanardelli
Giuseppe Zanardelli, who was not born here, died in his villa in Maderno in 1903. He was several times Minister in De Pretis’s government, President of the Chamber of Deputies and Prime Minister. He wrote the penal code abolishing the death penalty.
  Andrea Celesti
Famous painter of Venetian origin, he moved to Toscolano in 1688 due to problems with the Republic of Venice. Here he began an intense artistic activity and painted numerous great works for the churches of Toscolano, Salò and other villages. Celesti was much sought by the nobility of Brescia for his skillful technique at playing with light tones and shadows.
  I Paganini
Paganino-Paganini, was born in a small village near Brescia and moved to Toscolano in 1519, after having started a printing activity in Venice. His son Alexander became a renowned printer and engraver. His most bizarre endeavour was the printing of the Koran in Arabic, which also marked the end of his career.
  Don Giuseppe Avanzini
Don Giuseppe Avanzini, priest, famous mathematician and specialist in hydraulic sciences, was born in Gaino in 1753 and died in Padua in 1827. A memorial plaque can be seen in the Parish Church of Toscolano.
  I Gonzaga
In 1490 Isabella d’Este, Francesco Gonzaga’s wife from Mantua, used to spend her holidays in Toscolano. In 1606 the duke of Mantua, Vincenzo I Gonzaga, decided to build a summer palace (Palazzo Gonzaga) in Maderno. One of his last successors bought at an auction the Menagerie (Serraglio), a green area with building which was connected to Palazzo Gonzaga by an underground tunnel. The duke and his guests could reach the Menagerie for their private parties without being seen.
  Bartolomeo Bortolazzi
Bartolomeo Bartolazzi was born in Toscolano on the 3rd of March 1772. As a young boy he showed a great talent for music and became a skilful mandolin player. His compositions manifest an elegant and fluent style. In his works for mandolin the melody is emphazised, while the harmony sounds very simple. His works have a great historical value because they tell us how the mandolin was played at the beginning of the 19th century.